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 Automated mobile systems for the production of concrete, hardened and Misti Cold asphalt

Innovation is a fundamental feature of our business: an experience of over thirty years combined with attention on aspects of construction and makes us aware of ciriticità and needs of our customers to develop solutions that will have a major impact on your activities. Our task, in fact, consists in offering tools to improve the quality, efficiency and profitability of your work to help make a difference.


Revolutionary system for making concrete

The machine Blend is the new way of thinking concrete.
Thanks to its internal structure that allows you to keep the raw materials in separate compartments.
it reduces waste and mixes just enough in small and large quantities.
The ability to always change recipe guarantees to obtain with the same load different qualities of concrete.
A simple and versatile mobile plant operated by a single operator.
An automatic washing program cleans the mixer and ribbon.
The intelligent computer controls the weighing of the cement, aggregates & dosage of additives and water: the result is a certificate concrete.
The mobile plants Blend are available in a variety of sizes and with a wide range of optional: the construction site production improves quality by reducing time and costs.
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